Attention Experts, Inventors and Idea People: Will this be your most profitable year yet? NOW is the time to guarantee it…

"The Breakthrough System to Turn
Your Ideas Into Quick Profits

Capture Your Ideas Quickly And Painlessly So That You Can...

  • Manage All Of Your Product Ideas Without Yellow Stickie Notes - And Find Them Quickly!

  • Take Control Of Your Intellectual Property So You Can Profit From Your Ideas

  • Establish Systems That Tells You What To Work On Next For Maximum Profitability

From: Jeanette Cates

Re: Your Ideas!

Dear Fellow Idea Person:

Today is the start of a New Year for you! It doesn't matter what the date on the calendar says - you can make a resolution to grab those ideas that are floating around your head - and make money with them! It's time to set your goals and Take Action!

Because once you've set your goals, you must take action in order to ensure your success.

But let me ask you something...

Are You Overwhelmed With So Many Ideas
You Don't Know Where To Start?

If you're like me, you generate ideas for new products and new business practically 24/7. I mean it seems like every time I sit still for 5 minutes, there's another idea! If a commercial comes on TV -there's another idea. If I see a new product offer online, I have an idea!

The challenge comes with capturing those ideas. Then putting them into some type of system so that you can locate them when you need them, organize them into a cohesive and profitable business plan, then execute that plan!

Generally, there are two approaches...

  • You have an idea.

  • You stop what you're doing and write it down on the notepad sitting next to you.

  • You may even take a few minutes to jot down some additional thoughts on the "million dollar idea" you've just had.

  • Then you go back to what you were doing before you had the idea - and the "new idea" gets lost among all the other good ideas you've had.

Or in the second approach...

  • You have an idea.

  • You stop what you're doing and start working on the new idea.

  • You keep doing that until you have another idea.

Neither approach works. In the first scenario, you'll never locate that new idea again! And when you do find the hen-scratching on the notepad, you'll ask yourself "now what was I thinking?"

In the second scenario you'll never finish anything - because you're too busy working on the next new thing. And that means you'll never make any money from your ideas.

There Are Just Too Many Ideas!

Or Are There? Maybe it's not that there are too many ideas, but there just has not been an effective method for organizing your ideas. In fact, if you search on "organize ideas" in Google, you'll find there are no systems for effectively capturing, organizing and monetizing your ideas.

Well, that is until now!

Now There Is A System For Ideas!

If you've read this far, it means that you are an "Idea Person" and that you share some of the challenges that all of us do...

  • How to capture your ideas quickly and completely, so you can get back to producing the profits you're currently working on.

  • How to retrieve those ideas when you're ready to work on them - and ensure that none of the freshness of the ideas has faded from its original thought.

  • Where to store your ideas so that you can quickly and easily retrieve them when the time comes.

  • Which formats to use to capture and store your ideas so that you don't lose any time in searching for the idea and all of its components.

  • How to decide which idea to work on - so that you can maximize the profit potential of each idea.

  • When to set aside an idea for later, but not lose the potential for greatness you felt when you created it.

  • How to crank out a continuous stream of profitable products, with a market ready to buy each one of them!

  • Tools to manage the development process so that you can get products to market efficiently.

Those are just some of the reasons that this system was developed.

Announcing The Idea Organization System -
The First Program To Help You Capture, Organize and
Monetize Your Product Ideas!

You must organize your ideas in order for your business to grow.

Any successful business is built on a scalable model. One that can expand as your business does. But in order to implement that type of business, you have to have the tools to let you scale up. Rapidly.

That's why this system is so important to your success! This is YOUR chance to get your business ideas in order - so you can scale up your business right now!

So Who Is Jeanette Cates And Why Should I Listen
To Her Teach Me How To Organize My Ideas?

I'm an Internet Strategist who works with entrepreneurs like you to create and expand your Online Success.

Over the past seven years I've helped hundreds of online business owners take control of their businesses and turn them into profit machines. And an important part of that process is taking control of your ideas - after all, they are the basis of your profit machines!

Over the past four years I have developed more than 50 products, with a dozen of those coming in the past year. My professional background is as an Instructional Designer, so both my interests and my training have been centered in product development.

With my background in product development, I've developed multiple systems for capturing ideas, organizing ideas, retrieving ideas, and monetizing ideas as part of a profitable online business. I've developed tools that I use daily, then adapted those tools to apply to a broad range of clients - for "idea people" like you.

As a Master Teacher, I'll share tools that are easy to learn and quick to use. And I'll give you the "insider's tips" that make all the difference in your bottom line. In short, you'll have everything you need to organize your ideas and profit from them in the coming years!

So What's Included In "Organize Your Ideas"?

In this down-to-earth set of tools and instructions I've included everything you need to:

  • Never lose another idea, so you can return to your current project confident that your idea has been safely captured and stored for later use.

  • Fill in as many details as you have on an idea, as they come to you. You'll have all of the information at your fingertips when you're ready to take action on the idea.

  • Document your ideas in case of a copyright or patent dispute.

  • Make painless decisions on which project to pursue next, confident that you're making the best and most profitable choice.

Wow! This is exactly what I need!
  • Implement your ideas efficiently by using a checklist, getting them to market and making you more profitable even faster. No more guessing what to do next!

  • Set up standards for your publications so they all carry the look and feel for your business - without your having to "reinvent the wheel" for each project.

  • Create procedures to shortcut your development process and get your business ready for massive growth and expansion.

In fact, here is what several customers had to say about the Idea Organization System:

Jeanette Cates' Organize Your Ideas became available to me at the perfect time... I'm in the process of developing a new product with a couple of partners. With Jeanette's time-proven check lists, I'm going to save myself a boatload of time... and money. Because the checklists are in a downloadable format in Word and Excel, I can modify the forms for my specific needs. Also, Jeanette gives detailed instructions about how to use these formulas as a complete system which is invaluable.

Finally, the Ebook Implementation and Digital Product Implementation checklist bonuses are worth the money for the entire product. This way I'll have the security and reassurance that I haven't omitted a critical element in my planning. What a terrific "secret" planning tool from a well-known successful internet marketer. I snapped up Jeanette's organizing product in a flash. And it jump- started my planning process. It is faster, easier, and better. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Clydette Clayton


These forms and tools will really help me speed up both the product creation process and the product sales process...This is a great companion to the Organize Your Online Business program. I am going back to revisit that program to make sure I am using all the features and tips you included. Both of these are programs you can listen to over and over...and gain more
expertise with each repetiton.

Pat Wiklund


As always, Jeanette provided a top-notch information event and product. Her business savvy always leaves me with new tips and tactics that I can apply to my business right after the call!

Barbara Drazga


I especially liked the idea of starting out with the money making idea worksheet and printing blank ones to take with you when traveling.

Joanne Musa


I'm a pile person, not a file person, and this will help me clean up my piles as well as work more efficiently. Thank you so much!

Kate Lickey

In the complete Idea Organization System, you'll receive:

The complete, unedited recording of the 90-minute webinar that introduces the Idea Organization Syste. You can easily watch each segment again and again.

The full handout to accompany the webinar recording, illustrating the tools and forms - and how to use each so you can refer to it as needed. It's ideal for note-taking and brainstorming as you watch the webinar.

The 36-page System Manual with complete instructions for each form. Just flip to the page you need and walk through the steps to use and adapt that form for your business.

The Horizontal and Vertical Product Funnels, ready for your use, so you map out your product development strategy.

The Money-Making Idea Worksheet so you can quickly capture your ideas in a consistent format for easy retrieval.

The Product Strategy Worksheet so you can fully plan your marketing strategy for an idea and judge its feasibility and profitability, long before you start development. This worksheet can mean the difference between a profitable business and a "busy" but worthless business.

This is exactly what I've been looking for! Sign me up!

The Product Implementation Checklist so you can track the progress of each of your idea development projects. You'll never wonder "what else needs to be done" again!

Model Publication Standards that you can use out of the box or adapt for your use. This will save you an hour per ebook or manual!

Project Tracking Documents so you have all of the relevant information about your product at your fingertips. And if you use a webmaster, we've also included the accompanying Project Tracker so you can easily gather all of the relevant information in one place, saving your hours in back-and-forth emails.

Sample Project Procedures to serve as a model for your product-type procedures. Once you create this, you're ready to start outsourcing your work - and freeing your time to work on even more idea!

The Decision Worksheet so you can quickly and easily decide which idea you'll work on next. This makes the decision-making process painless!

(Please note: These files are provided as Microsoft Word or Excel files so that you can easily and immediately modify them for your use. You will need this application (or the Open Office equivalent) in order to use the materials provided.)

But I Didn'’t Stop There – I Went Beyond The
Traditional Multimedia Presentation & Workbook With
Special Video Training

It’s like sitting right next to me, as I show you, with screen capture video training how to conquer the mechanical and logistical details that people traditionally have the most problems with - the technical issues. You'll watch as I show you how to:

  • Modify the forms by inserting your own descriptions and information, providing the information you need to manage your business.
  • Sort the information into the most meaningful format for you, so you can easily find what you need.
  • Modify and duplicate each form so you can quickly create your own set of tools.

We haven't overlooked any of the details that might have stopped you before.

I'm sure you recognize the value of having all of the information you need at your fingertips. It will save you hours of frustration - and lots of lost time and ideas.

Yes, I'm ready to save the time and frustration of not being able to find and profit from my ideas!

Act Immediately and Receive the Following Bonuses

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

When you register today, you will also receive the following:

Bonus #1: Project-Specific Product Implementation Checklists - ready for your immediate use.

Checklists for a product sales site, an audio product, and an ebook are already completed for you. This will save you hours in creating your own checklists from scratch.($47 Value)

Bonus #2: Idea Capture Resources – and where to find them.

This time-saving list gives you access to the tools you need, when you need them, at your fingertips. ($27 Value)

I can't guarantee how long these bonuses will be available. So take action today!

Don't Wait To Organize Your Ideas!

I've removed all of the barriers to your immediate success! There is absolutely no reason not to get started now. In fact, let me offer you this guarantee:


We pride ourselves at TechTamers for our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - and this is no exception!

So let me make this simple. I can't imagine why anyone would not find value in this package. But if for some strange reason you don't feel like the product lives up to the value you expect - then please return it for a full refund.

Jeanette S Cates, PhD
Founder & CEO, TechTamers


Now if you paid me for my time to teach you this information, it would cost you well over $1,000. And that's assuming I had the time to coach you through this - which I do not.

Instead, you can get all of this information, based on my research, development and experience, for less than one-tenth of that amount! In fact, I'm offering you a neatly delivered package, chock-full of information for only $47!

Lock in this price right now.


Yes! I'm ready Now!

Organize Your Ideas

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Don't be left out of the success you deserve this year. Take this step now to ensure you're ready for the next 12 months.

I'll "see" you on call!

Jeanette S Cates, PhD
Online Success Expert

P.S. If you feel like you are already organized and ready to scale your business up, you may not want to invest in this system. But if you feel like getting even one more idea that saves you hours or makes you hundreds of dollars is worth the investment of your time, then get started today.

P.P.S. I share the exact forms and techniques I use in my business daily. It's taken me six years to perfect these tools - and they're yours when you sign up today.